Our Work

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Examples from our portfolio

Trans Siberian Rail

Created In collaboration with development partner SGD, the new Trans-Siberian Rail website required a complete rethink as to how to present complex and detailed information in an intuitive responsive layout ...

Scoping, Information Architecture, Wordpress, SEO, Project management, Content development 


GM Lawyers

The website needed to reflect the new marketing strategy for GM Lawyers. Requirements were for a simple, contemporary, easy to update and modify website, that simply and effectively communicated GM Lawyers' primary services, with an emphasis on Conveyancing.  

Design, Web development, Wordpress CMS, Information Architecture, Content development, Plugin customisation

Education Travel Home Page

Education Travel

This project required a re-think and rationalisation of how to re-present the content for a more user and search friendly interface.  Mobile useability was also a major consideration.  Custom theme design using the wordpress CMS was deemed to be the most effective solution to achieve the required outcomes 

Web design, Web Development, Wordpress CRM, SEO, Project Management, Content Creation

Industrial Supply Group home page

ISG - Industrial Supply Group

Industrial Supply Group is a national coalition of major independent industrial supply companies supplying quality industrial products to Australian industry. The look reflects the "industrial" nature of the group's business. The website features the current ISG catalogue using the flashy “flipping-book” application, monthly specials, links to suppliers and a directory of ISG members, their profiles and their outlets. Smart search technology allows customers to find their nearest ISG branch b y simply entering their postcode

Design, Web development, Application Development, Maintenance, SEO, Consulting


Drinking Well

After consideration of the site requirements we decided to use Wordpress as the CMS for this blog about beverages. Most of the collaborators / contributers to the site had little or no experience in creating or updating web content so a simple wordpress blog was the way to go.



Web development, Wordpress CMS, Information Architecture, Photography, Content development


American Music Prize (AMP)

The inaugural American Music Prize was awarded in 2016 for the best debut album.  This is the industry site where artists and managers can register their work for consideration. There is also extensive back-end functionality built to client specification, to facilitate efficient prize administration .



Web development, Drupal CMS, Functional specification for back-end administration applications

The House Of Caj Homepage

The House Of Caj

Caj is one of Melbourne’s premium hair and beauty salons, situated at the “Paris end” of South Melbourne.

Our challenge was to translate the Caj Concept to a website and present the hair, beauty and millinery that comprise the House Of Caj in a unified style consistent with the look of the actual salon.  To this end we chose to allow the images to take centre stage keeping other visual elements and text to a minimum. The result reflects the Caj ethos of understated elegance. The addition of an integrated blog platform allows Caj staff to easily update the site’s news section.

Design, Web development, Drupal CMS, Support, SEO

Live Performance Australian Home page image

Live Performance Australia [LPA]

Founded in 1917 Live Performance Australia (LPA) is the peak body that has been representing the interests of the live performance industry for almost 100 years. It is registered as an Employers' organisation under the Fair Work act

This website reflects LPA's role and contains a wealth of resource and reference materials pertaining to the live performance industry.

Design, Web development, Drupal CMS , Custom Modules, CRM  Issuu Mailchimp and Eventbrite integration, Drupal training

ISG Industrial Catalogue

ISG Industrial Catalogue - 588 pages

ISG’s Industrial Catalogue was released in limited edition as a 588 page printed book. Re-fresh was asked to reproduce the catalogue for on-line viewing and distribution on DVD.

The challenge was to make something so big load quickly whilst preserving the graphic integrity and legibility of the content. Users also needed to be able to find items quickly and easily.

We opted for the Flipping book format, which converts the catalogue into html, xml and swf.  Users can choose to browse dynamically like a real magazine or type in a search term for quick results.

cometomygig.com home page


The Australian Music Prize saw a need to create a one-stop landing page where artists can promote their gigs, share their latest news and link to all their on-line media from one place.

The AMP approached re-fresh to build a site that is quick and easy for artists to create their own account and maintain content from either a mobile device or laptop 

Now fans need only bookmark one page to stay connected with their favourite artist.

Design, Web development, Drupal CMS, Custom Modules