re-fresh offers expert consulting services to help plan, implement or evaluate your web strategy.

There is now a plethora of options to consider and chose from in order to achieve the optimal on-line presence ... tools, widgets, mobile apps, social media , design trends, user experience design, information architecture, content management systems (CMS), web based contact management systems, customised on-line shopping solutions, electronic newsletters, search engine optimisation (SEO).

Web technologies have evolved to the extent where there are now specialist areas within the components that comprise “the web”. 

Our evaluation and/or implementation strategies include the following considerations and processes.

  • business needs analysis
  • workflow integration
  • information architecture
  • user experience design
  • website auditing
  • analytics
  • search optimisation
  • social networking media
  • project management
  • scoping
  • preparation of reports
  • preparation of tenders